Our Next Meeting

Happy New Year! Our next meeting will be held on Monday, Feb. 12th @ 5:30 p.m. We will meet in the conference room on the back side of Duval Place at 971 West Duval Street in Lake City, Florida.


Our mission is to promote the development of tennis as a means of healthy recreation and physical fitness for everyone in our community by assisting in the creation of a countywide Community Tennis Facility.

Call To Order: President Dolly Robinson called the meeting to order at 5:37 PM.
Members in attendance included Dolly Robinson, Linda Williams, John Lear, Mike Null,
Glenn Hunter, Joe Hinkle, Laura Null, Jeb Stuart, Tom Moore and Laura Hunter. Also in
attendance was George English of the Florida USTA, County Commissioner Tim
Murphy, TDC Director Paula Vann, and other guests Barbara Lemley and Sandra Buck-
Camp, Michelle Lear and Cassidy Lear.

Approval of Minutes: A motion was made by Mr. Lear and seconded by Mr. Hunter to
approve minutes for the May 8, 2017 meeting. Motion carried unanimously.
Introduction to Meeting: President Robinson gave a brief overview and history of
LCCCTA for the benefit of first time attendees.

Recognition: President Robinson asked Cassidy Lear to come to the front for a
presentation. LCCCTA presented Ms. Lear with a Certificate of Achievement for her
success on the CHS Girls Tennis Team and receiving a scholarship to attend and play
tennis at Eckerd College. Ms. Lear was also provided $100 contribution from LCCCTA.

New Business: President Robinson recognized both Paula Vann of the Tourist
Development Council and County Commissioner Tim Murphy. Mrs. Vann spoke about
the Sports Strategic Plan recently completed by consulting firm Huddle Up Group to
identity sports infrastructure needs/facility planning and organizational needs for
promoting and supporting sports within the county that have impact on local tourism.
She gave her explanation as to the limited recognition of tennis within the report.
Commissioner Murphy expressed his interest in learning more about what the expectation
of LCCCTA was. Commissioner Murphy asked numerous questions regarding how a
tennis complex could impact “heads in beds”. Following numerous questions and
answers, it was also expressed by members of the LCCCTA that there is also a “quality
of life” issue in having tennis facilities that local citizens can have use of.
Old Business: Ms. Williams reported on the Montgomery Youth Summer Tennis Camp
that began earlier that day. The program currently is arranged with participants from the
City Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs with Coach Tom Moore as the head coach. Equipment
secured from the USTA 10 and Under Tennis grant secured last year will be used with a
new grant from the Florida Youth Tennis Foundation that will be used for coaching and
incidental expenses. (Note: 90 participants are registered that will be divided in groups
and sessions on Monday and Tuesday mornings during the months of June and July).
Member Volunteers are needed to assist Coach Tom.

Mr. Null gave a brief report on the meetings with City representatives regarding the
potential construction of three lighted tennis courts tentatively planned to be located
behind the racket ball courts at Memorial Stadium.

Other Business: Mr. Lear informed the members regarding Youth Tennis opportunities.
Treasurer Mr. Hinkle reported there is $1135.80 in the association’s account with an
outstanding check for the insurance premium in the amount of $205.00.
President Robinson announced that Richard Johnson filed the 990 report that was due on
behalf of LCCCTA.

Mr. Hinkle gave the Treasurer’s Report stating the account showed a balance of $795.00
with one outstanding payment of $386.00. Mr. Hinkle was then provided a check from
Florida Youth Tennis Foundation in the amount of $1,000.00 to be used for the
Montgomery Youth Summer Tennis Camp.

There being no further official action needed, President Robinson adjourned the meeting
at 7:36 PM. President Robinson announced that there would be no meeting for July; the
next regular meeting is schedule for August 14 th .

Our Board

The Lake City Columbia Community Tennis Association is a grassroots organization run by volunteers who are passionate about the continued success of tennis in our community.

Dolly Robinson President

John Lear Vice President

Mike Null Secretary

Joe Hinkle Treasurer