Our Next Meeting

Happy New Year! Our next meeting will be held on Monday, Feb. 12th @ 5:30 p.m. We will meet in the conference room on the back side of Duval Place at 971 West Duval Street in Lake City, Florida.


Our mission is to promote the development of tennis as a means of healthy recreation and physical fitness for everyone in our community by assisting in the creation of a countywide Community Tennis Facility.

Call to Order: Mike Null presided in the absence of President Robinson and VP
Lear. The meeting was called to order at 5:33 PM. Those in attendance included
Mike Null, Laura Null, Glenn Hunter, Laura Hunter, Joe Hinkle, Al Royal, Jeb Stewart,
Recie Davis, Linda Williams, and USTA-Florida representatives George English and
Leigh Chak.

Approval of Minutes: Motion by G. Hunter to approve the minutes of August 14,
2017 as presented; seconded by L. Williams. Motion carried unanimously.
Old Business: M. Null reported that he had spoken with the City Public Works
Director, Thomas Henry, regarding the construction of the new tennis courts at
Memorial Stadium; Mr. Henry had only recently been informed of the project but did
not have an actual start date yet.

New Business: L. Williams gave a report regarding the meeting that she, President
Robinson, and M. Null had with the County Recreation staff at Richardson
Community Center. Arrangements have been made to provide an after-school
introduction to tennis clinic for each Tuesday in November. Additionally, plans are
underway to schedule a Summer Tennis Clinic at the facility. Funding requests are
being sent to the Annie Maddox non-profit organization. It is anticipated that the
County will be constructing tennis/pickleball courts on the large playcourt on the
north side of the gym; at one time, there was a tennis court there.

L. Williams reported on the estimated costs of shirts with our CTA’s logo: T-Shirts -
$10.83 and polo shirts - $21.00. L. Williams also indicated there are a few T-Shirts
left over from the Boys/Girls Club clinics that can be available to CTA members at a
nominal cost. See L. Williams if interested.

L. Williams/M. Null announced efforts to put together an after-school tennis
program at the Fort White Community Center. More information will be
forthcoming once tentative commitments can be made.

M. Null reported on the CTA’s project to paint the 10 and Under Court Lines added
to the two existing courts at Young’s Park completed on October 7th . Thanks given to
volunteers Tom Moore, Dolly Robinson, Mike Null, Laura Null, Joe Hinkle, Al Royal,
Marcia Kazmierski, and Mark McGurty.

L. Hunter and J. Stewart reported on tentative plans to host a tennis clinic/round
robin event open to the public at the Columbia High School (CHS) tennis courts. It
was agreed to host this event on the morning of November 4, 2017; the event will be called “Fall Racket Day”. Registration fees will be collected. Professional
coaches will be brought in to provide instruction for the different stations to be set
up using the six tennis courts. M. Null will submit a facility use request to CHS. L.
Hunter will have flyers printed. J. Stewart will have it announced to the local
newspaper. It will also be shared on the LCCCTA Facebook/web site.

G. English recommended the CTA consider signing up for the USTA Net Generation
program (see attached flyer); he stated the USTA’s commitment through Net
Generation is to help CTA’s for after-school programs and other youth tennis
programs. Motion by G. Hunter for the LCCCTA to register the organization with Net
Generation; seconded by R. Davis. Motion carried unanimously.

Leigh Chak of USTA shared the new program 2017 Lake City Flexible Singles
League (see attached); those interested are to contact her at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Treasure’s Report: J. Hinkle reported that the current balance in the organization’s
checking account is $469.68. A paid invoice by Tom Moore for material used on the
10 and Under Court Line painting was presented as a request to reimbursement.
Motion by L. Hunter to reimburse the expense; seconded by G. Hunter. Motion
carried unanimously.

There being no further business, M. Null adjourned the meeting at 7:05 PM.

Our Board

The Lake City Columbia Community Tennis Association is a grassroots organization run by volunteers who are passionate about the continued success of tennis in our community.

Dolly Robinson President

John Lear Vice President

Mike Null Secretary

Joe Hinkle Treasurer